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Become BF1 VIP Member enjoy Free Gifts for every purchase and discounts for all herbal products. BF1 products formulated by natural ingredients perform excellent results and guarantee safe for all skin type.

We manufacture natural herbal hair growth products, hair care, skin care, body care, pure essential oil, natural aroma oil, carrier oil, natural oil, fragrance oil, massage oil, bar soap, perfume EDP, perfume oil and natural extract for hair, skin and body since 2002.

BF1 VIP Member

Benefit Become BF1 VIP Member

1. Free Gifts for every purchase.
We been practice to giving out Free Soap Bar for your bath since June 2014. We will create more Gifts start from 2015 to Thank You and appreciation for your great support.

2. Discount on every products.
Note : This will be start on 01st April 2015.
Malaysia Government will be impose 6% of GST on every purchase starting from 01st April 2015. BF1 will rebate with discount rates more then 6% or higher discounts to make sure you will purchase remaining to the best prices ever.

3. Special Gifts for every member introduce by you.
A Special Free Gifts will send to you and your friend for successful member introduce by you.

BF1 VIP Member registration open until 31st March 2015.

For Business Registration please click here : BF1 VIP Partner

Become BF1 VIP Member - Step 1

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BF1 VIP Member - FAQ

1. Any Joining Fee or Annual Fee involved ?
Answer : No, it 100% Free with no conditions.

2. How many % discount for BF1 VIP Member ?
Answer : We will inform you once your application is approved. Percentage of discount will be depending on your kind support.

3. When is the Due Date for registration ?
Answer : We will stop all registration on 01-04-2015. Not valid for customers after 01-04-2015.

4. How long we will get the approval ?
Answer : Within 24 Hours.

5. What kind of situation my application will be rejected ?
Answer : If the information are false, repeat, not complete or been black listed in our system. Normally we will call you up to examination again before rejection.

6. Do I receive any Member Card or Member Reference Number ?
Answer : No need, we will key in your discount on our online shop or you may walk in to our office with your mobile phone number. Your email and mobile number will be our reference as your VIP status.

7. Do I get commission when I introduce my friends become VIP Member ?
Answer : No, for we are not direct selling company.

8. Do I get Free Gifts when I introduce my friends become VIP Member ?
Yes, we will give you and your friends a Special Free Gifts. Please email us when you do so to .